This is the BfA PrePatch version of HeroDamage, if you want to see Legion simulations, you can go here.
Those simulations are constantly updated. If you don't see your class or some simulations are missing it is because either it's not finalized on SimC end or on our end.
You can find more informations on the state of SimC implementations here.
Keep in mind that those data can be considered expiremental since PrePatch lasts only few weeks.

T21 Single Target Combinations Simulations - Unholy

These simulations are all based on the T21 default profiles from SimulationCraft. Set pieces and legendaries have been modified accordingly.
Furthermore, in order to keep the number of combinations from exploding, only DPS legendaries have been used.
The target error was 0.4% which means you can consider everything within that DPS range to be mostly equal and requiring a more detailed investigation.

The purpose of these simulations is to get a general idea of how different setups of this Tier will compare with each other and not to promote any definitive "best builds". Several variables (like different trinkets, WF/TF or ingame situations) are not taken into account. This is why you, as always, should simulate your own character to find your optimal setup.

Last Update: Jul 20 2018 20:47 (CEST)
WoW-Build: 8.0.1 #a72f899b91
Target Error: 0.4%

# Talents Sets Legendaries DPS