T20 Single Target Races Simulations - Shadow

If you are interested in how the different races in World of Warcraft compare for this build, you can check out the following chart. However, keep in mind that race differences are usually rather small and can change with balance and gameplay changes. You can always play the race you want to play and don't have to feel compelled to choose based on this chart.

Last Update: Apr 1 2018
WoW-Build: 7.3.5
Target Error: 0.1%

  • Twist of Fate
  • Lingering Insanity
  • Auspicious Spirits
  • Mindbender
  • Legacy of the Void
  • Mangazas Madness
  • Sephuzs Secret
  • Xalatath Blade Of The Black Empire
  • Secrets Of The Void