Combinations 1 L 1T T26 Enhancement Shaman

These simulations are all based on the default profiles from SimulationCraft.
You can consider everything within the target error DPS range to be mostly equal and requiring a more detailed investigation.

The purpose of these simulations is to get a general idea of how different setups will compare with each other and not to promote any definitive best builds. Several variables (like different trinkets or ingame situations) are not taken into account. This is why you, as always, should simulate your own character to find your optimal setup.

Last Update: Jan 09, 12:17 AM (CEST)
WoW Version: #37ca59e3f1
Target Error: 0.2% (~11 DPS)
Fight Length: 4.06.0 minutes

#TalentsSoulbind TreeDPS% Diff
1Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones65600.0
2Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6535-0.4
3Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6534-0.4
4Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6493-1.0
5Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6490-1.1
6Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6458-1.6
7Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6426-2.0
8Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6413-2.2
9Deeply Rooted Elements6404-2.4
10Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6382-2.7
11Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6376-2.8
12Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6371-2.9
13Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6365-3.0
14Deeply Rooted Elements6353-3.2
15Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones6339-3.4
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