Rogue Theorycrafting

The Rogue Theorycrafting community is happy to introduce you to our new community hub: The Ravenholdt-TC Organization on GitHub! This will let you follow what is going on behind the scenes. You can also contribute via the issues panel to suggest ideas and report bugs.

Here are links you may want to check out for further information:

If you have any questions, feel free to visit the class Discord and contact Aethys or Mystler.

Important note for Assassination Rogues!

With enough Mastery or Poison Knives relics, dropping Mutilate and using Fan of Knives as the main generator actually becomes an increase. If you see variations including "FoK" for Combinations or Relics, those are profiles using Fan of Knives instead of Mutilate.

To sim yourself and check whether using FoK is an increase, you can copy and paste this code after your /simc output. E.g. on Raidbots, open "Advanced", insert your /simc Addon output and then, right after, the code from the link.

However, this interaction will be hotfixed ingame on Jan 9! Our results from Jan 6 already include the hotfix.
Info for Assassination Rogues!

The bug allowing Deadly Poison to retain the Nightstalker modifier for the whole fight (see #DPGate) has already been hotfixed.